My interests include the development of Interactive Learning based on the interactive fiction model. I am working with several interactive text based adventure authoring systems such as PunyInform, Inform 6, Tads 3 and Twine.

Retro Adventures Podcast

Colossal Cave / Adventure Guide (Spoiler)

Storymate - AI Generated IF

The Power of Prolog - Think Dialog

Play IF Games With An Online Interpreter

Generate HTML Page from Game File

Rosebush IF Magazine

Twine Sugarcube Templates

IntroComp 2024

In progress

ParserComp 2024

In progress

TADS Jam 2023

Complete - See everyone at the end of 2023.

PunyJam #3

Complete - Maybe again next year.

Spring Thing 2023


Inform7.10 - New Version and Open Source (2022)

Teaching and Learning with Interactive Fiction

Reddit IF Text Adventure Discussion

Inform6 for Unix - Gitlab Repository

Glulx-Strings - Extracts strings from Glulx and Z-code game files.

DAAD IF Dev System

CASA - Classic Adventure Solutions Archive

Develop Interactive Fiction with Google Slides

Classic Adventure (Bookazine)

Winter 2021/22 TADS Jam Information

Writing a Fan Fiction Disclaimer

Club Floyd - IFMud

Tale - A Python IF Framework

TAB Thin Basic Adventure Development System

Game Developers Website

Compilers, Parsers, Language Development Information

All Things Jacq / Club Floyd - IF Game Discussion

How to Program IF in C

Zilch Howto Site

XVAN IF Authoring System

Obsessively Complete Infocom Catalog

The Digital Antiquarian - Planetfall

Early Interactive Fiction Blog Site

Word Building - Booklist by Emily Short - (link)

ElseIfPlayer - Online TADS Interpreter

Craverly Heigts Game Ports

GMA Games - Text IF Games Designed for Low Vision Users

Elf Running Adventureland Game

COSMAC Elf 8 bit MC1802 Single Board Computer (SBC) running Scott Adam's Adventureland game through a Raspberry Pi 4 virtual terminal. (Interactive fiction was beginning its development in the early days of personal computers.

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