Welcome to Mr. Greer's Far Out Science

This is just my latest edition of this website. It will probably change often as it is now a hobby and not job related. I have always enjoyed working with wiki software and pmwiki in particular. It allows web based changes without carrying around expensive web development systems such as Adobe Dreamweaver. Pmwiki is a flat file text based system that conforms to my keep it simple philosophy.

One of my interests include the development of Interactive Learning based on the interactive fiction model. You can get an idea of what I have in mind by visiting the first page of Fos Adventuers.

There is also a FOS Discussion Forum availble for Far Out Science topics.

Noe: It is best to view this website with Mozilla Firefox with the Overbite addon that includes support for the Gopher internet surfing protocol. Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome no longer support this protocol. The command line web browser "lynx" can also be used for general web surfing and provides Gopher support. Lynx also provides excellent support for Text To Speech (TTS) services required by low vision users.(Installation instructions for Lynx and Firefox is available in the Open Source area of our discussion forum.)

More developing....

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