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RSER: Read/Study - Experiment - Repeat

Note: This site best read with the Firefox Web Browser*

A place for life long learners and beginners to experience a retro computing environment. Consider this a sandbox for play and experimentation. I will setting various areas in which to learn. Abstract thought and reasoning are paramount as we move forward with our lifelong learning. That is one of the reasons that I am minimizing bling. Video and active graphics hinder immagination and the creative spirit. The activitie here are designed to stimulate and involve thoughtfully and not in a passive way that high intensity bling fosters.

I have set up a secure discussion area as a safe place to ask questions and share ideas. Be sure to check it the FOS Discussion Forums. You can find more details and information there.

An even better option is the Far out Science Gopher Spot*. It is based on a retro networking protocol called gopher. Back in my undergrad days, it was the way to go forth to explore and share.

* Please note: You will need to open the gopher link with a browser that will recognize gopher sites. Firefox with the overbite addon or the text browser called "lynx" will work well. You can find detailed instructions for installing Firefox and lynx in the discussion area.

(Unfortunately, the current Intternet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari web browsers do not support gopher sites at all.)

Coming soon: FOS Adventures (Interactive Learning)

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