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Link to FOS legacy class resources
Link to FOS legacy classs resources
Image of desktop - under the rainbow in Kansas

Deep underground in a tornado proof bunker far below the hills of Kansas.

Instant Human - Just Add Coffee

Life is mostly wheat and just a little bit of chaff, sort of like a Yoyo: Up - Down - Sleeping

Best Apps For Hearing Loss

Science Teacher's Assn. of Texas CAST 2024

GeoGebra - Geometry and Algebra Sofware

Pickleball Course

Mobility Advisor

Braille Translation

Braille Brain - A training site from APH

UEB Braille - Online Manual

Fallen London - Online IF Adventure

Harvard Intro to AI Video Course - Lesson 1

Turing Pi Docmumentation

Raspberry Pi EdX Courses

Hogwarts Legacy Guide

Obsidian Note Taking App - Tutorial

How to Play Interactive Fiction (IF)

Best Programming Language - Dr. Chuck (Video Essay)

Dr. Chuck's Online - Programming Courses

Nick Bostrom - AI Singularity

HP 48 RPN Calculator - FAQ

Learn Math - Basic to Advanced

OpenStax - Free College Textbooks (Rice University)

How to Self-Study Math - video link

PBS Nova Series - Fermat's Last Enigma

A to Z Science and Learning Store

Union Pacific's Steam Engine Heritage

Railfan Magazine

(Subscription Required)

Image of SC126 Z80 Retro Computer

SC126 Z80 Retro Computer

SC126 Z180 Page

Image of ELF 1802 - Membership Card

ELF 1802 Membership Card

Cosmac ELF 1802 Page

HP Calculator Store (Antique)

Silicon Chip Magazing (online)


College Algebra Course with Python

Flight Tracker

Ultimate Guitar

Guitar Lessons by Brian

Stephen Smith's Computer Tech Blog

Borogrove IF App

Renga in Blue - Reviewing EVERY Text Adventure Game

How to Write a Book - Now

Creative Writing Now

Writing Discussion Forum

First Line Writing Magazine

Writing Resources

Python Coding Textbook

Free Adobe Stock Media

Adobe Firefly - AI Generated Images

ESV Study Bible Online

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