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Link to FOS legacy class resources
Link to FOS legacy classs resources
Image of desktop - under the rainbow in Kansas

Deep underground in a tornado proof bunker far below the hills of Kansas.

Kansas - Its not so bad.

Instant Human - Just Add Coffee

Life is mostly wheat and just a little bit of chaff. Kind of like a Yoyo: Up - Down - Sleeping

TxDLA Presentation (Pending)

Learning Mindfullness

Raspberry Pi Purchase Locator

January 25, 2021 - James Webb Space Telescope Launch

First Images on July 12, 2022 at 0930 CDT!

Orion / Artemis Tracking Website

IntroComp 2023

TADS Jam 2023

ParserComp 2022

Complete - See everyone in 2023

Spring Thing 2022

Complete - See everyone in 2023

Masi USA Bicycle Registry

HP 48 RPN Calculator - FAQ

Learn Math - Basic to Advanced

OpenStax - Free College Textbooks (Rice University)

How to Self-Study Math - video link

PBS Nova Series - Fermat's Last Enigma

Inform7.10 - New Version and Open Source

Teaching and Learning with Interactive Fiction

Pix/Quest JS

Creating with Roblox/Lua

Inform6 for Unix - Gitlab Repository

DAAD IF Dev System

Stewmac Ghost - Klon Klone

Video - Beyond the Observable Universe

The Universe is 13.9 billion years old. How can it be 92 billion light years across?

Union Pacific's Steam Engine Heritage

Railfan Magazine

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Image of SC126 Z80 Retro Computer

SC126 Z80 Retro Computer

SC126 Z180 Page

Image of ELF 1802 - Membership Card

ELF 1802 Membership Card

Cosmac ELF 1802 Page

Writing Discussion Forum

First Line Writing Magazine

Writing Resources

Free Adobe Stock Media

Dispatch Health - Home Health Care

Interesting Reference Websites

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