Photo of bare MemberCHIP Card

Photo of bare MemberCHIP Elf 1802 Card

MemberCHIP Card Complete

Member Chip Card Front
Member Chip Card Back

June 3, 2021

I finished my MemberCHIP Card today. I opted not to include a 20 pin header. It just didn't seem right having the pins hanging out the bottom. I considered a female header on the top of the board but decided against it. As it is, it is pristine and will hide in a "Smalls" tin when I go to the drugstore and buy some mints.

It went together mostly as expected.

The 28 pin socket broke when I tried to twist the cross member off with needle nose pliers. Fortunately, I had a spare. I snipped them with a diagonal cutter and then smoothed the rough edges. I use a temp controlled Weller soldering iron but it still somewhat melted the socket sides when I soldered in U3. At least the damage is hidden when U2 is installed.

The other thing I would strongly suggest is mounting R1 before Y1. Y1 is really in the way when soldering and clipping R1.

My MCHIP card will not run at 9600. It will only run a 4800 or 2400 on both Win10 Tera Term and RPi minicom or a terminal screen. No big deal.

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