"Computing is a magical hobby. With a low-cost computer like the Raspberry Pi, you get hours upon hours of entertainment from just five dollars.You can learn an ample amount with just a Raspberry Pi and a good resource, like this copy of The MagPi magazine you’re holding. I can spend hours with a computer and a good book.Throw a few more dollars down and Raspberry Pi can become just about anything: a robot for growing plants, a camera that takes 3D photographs, or an arcade machine from the 1980s." Lucy Hattersley, Editor - MagPi Magazine No. 99, November 2020, Raspberry Pi Foundation

(Note: The MagPi magazines and all Raspberry Pi Foundation publications are available to read in the "Help" menu on the Raspberry Pi desktop.)

Image of Raspberry Pi 4
Image of Raspi OS Desktop

Screen shot of a Raspi OS Desktop on a Raspberry Pi 4

If you look closely at the command line terminal display (in black) you can see a small selection of programming languages available on the RPi.

Image of RPi Pico

Raspberry Pi Pico

Raspberry Pi 400

SARPi - A Slackware port for the Raspberry Pi

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