Image of Z80 MC Main Board

Z80 Membership Card Main Board Complete

November 11, 2020

Z80 Membership Card with Front Panel

Z80 Membership Card with Front Panel

Construction Comments:

  • Save P1 installation until end of construction.
  • Unable to get transistors installed below level of switches.
  • Best to install header pins from under the board and solder on top. They are too long when soldered on the underside, even without considering the Altoids tin. They have to be trimmed since they interfere with the board positioned on top.
  • Could not operate the main (cpu) board by itself though a computer terminal. It was linked but would not communicate since there is no reset. Cycling the power did not work. (Needs investigating or modification.) May be Raspberry Pi (Linux) related. I have not yet tried on a Windows computer.
  • Cutting the 10 pin white header was VERY difficult!
  • 4 pin white header interferes with voltage regulator on Main (CPU) board. It pushed the heat sink portion of the regulator down. Maybe a normal header could be used. Space is very confined.

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